This ancient land with green vegetation and the historical value of our ancestors’ past civilization is conceptualized in our logo with the use of a petroglyph that wraps the name of the ranch.  This petroglyph symbol of arms extending to cradle and protect the ranch, has a deep connection and reverence to the land.


“To embrace agriculture with the purpose of educating and fulfilling others with a quality of life through sensible practices of land use, traditional values and the spirit of community.”


Life in the Rupununi embraces the values we hold dear. The Rupununi is as rich as it is unique for offering a special quality of life. The land encompasses all life it sustains. Developing the land enhances the area, attracts more life and overall adds greater value. And the spirit of community involves the regard for valuable traditional ideals as we are the benefactor-creator and preserver of the land. Through participation and the interest of knowledge, Waikin serves the growing needs of the people.


With four beautifully designed cabins complete with spacious balconies, private bathrooms, hammocks and other amenities. Each cabin has an independent solar power system to support most needs.

Spacious modern cabins where the old west forgather at Waikin Ranch, in what is a special take away for experiences in Guyana!

Capture the outdoor safely from the comfort of your 525 square feet cabin with well appointed areas:

Bedroom 200 sq ft (18.58 m2)
Bathroom 80 sq ft (7.43 m2)
Balcony 245 sq ft (22.76 m2)

Still want to know more!?

Here is a video 3D tour to give the viewer a virtual sense of what awaits the traveler!