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Rupununi, Guyana

Located in the vibrant landscape of the Central Rupununi and just thirty minutes drive from the township of Lethem and the border of Brazil, Waikin Ranch is the perfect base camp to explore the Central Rupununi and its surrounding attractions.

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The Rupununi boasts a variety of pristine eco-systems teeming with birds, mammals and aquatic life. Explore these ecosystems with a trained local guide and discover a variety of exotic flora and fauna.

Adventure into the great outdoors, learning how local communities live in harmony with their surroundings. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or just beginning to learn to love the outdoors, Waikin Ranch can help you understand more about the fascinating eco-systems and wildlife that are present in the Rupununi.

We have various preplanned packages but we prefer to create custom built experiences that are specifically tailored to each guest’s particular interests.

Trail Walking

Enjoy a guided walk through one of our trails around the ponds, and pockets of forest close to the ranch homestead. Your guide will highlight points of interest and explain how plants and trees are used by local communities in cooking and for medicinal purposes.

Observe the surroundings and the unspoiled habitats at your own pace. Due to the natural lake and ponds, various species of birds, mammals and reptiles can be found here.

Horseback Riding

Explore the savannah and Bush Islands surrounding the Ranch on horseback with our vaqueros. These pockets of forest are home to a variety of animals, including ocelots, anteaters, armadillos, capybaras, deer, birds, and jaguars. Approaching them on horseback gives you a better opportunity for spotting local wildlife.


With over 200 species of birds resident here, Waikin Ranch is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Numerous species of waterbirds can be found in the wetlands surrounding the ranch and many types of canopy birds in the pockets of forest that dot the savannah.

Expeditions to neighboring communities to seek out more elusive species like the  Harpy Eagle and Cock-of-the-Rock can be arranged.

Canoe Trips

Choose to traverse the Ireng River by canoe and observe the wildlife that surrounds the river. Canoeing is a good way to observe wildlife; without the noise of an outboard engine wildlife tends to stay along the banks of river.

The Ireng is also home to small jasper rocks should one want to walk along the rocky beach. It is possible to have a camp prepared along the beach and have lunch there.

Fishing Trips

The onsite ponds and natural lakes are available for fishing, guests may choose to catch their own lunch or dinner and help or observe the chefs prepare it. Excursions to the nearby Ireng or Pirara rivers are also possible - depending on the time of year. Offsite fishing operates on a catch and release basis.

Waterfall Trips

Midmorning or afternoon waterfall trips can be arranged to the waterfalls in Kumu or Moco Moco Village. Spend some time swimming in one of the several pools and/or exploring and hiking in the areas surrounding the waterfalls.

Both of these waterfalls are popular with the residents of Lethem and the surrounding areas.

Local Cuisine + Methods

Spend some time in the kitchen and learn some local techniques of food preparation. You can take a tour of the fields and gardens to see where the food used by the ranch is grown and learn about how crops are cultivated in this region.

We believe in a hands on approach and you will be invited to put some of what you have learned into practice. The menu here is quite contemporary and is paired with a strong local influence, using a variety of farm to table ingredients.

Lethem Tour + Shopping

Explore the town of Lethem and the neighboring Saint Ignatius Village and take a look into some of the local shops and buy some trinkets and souvenirs. It is also possible to take a trip over the Takatu Bridge and look around the border town of Bon Fim in Brazil. This bridge is one of the few change-over bridges in the world that crossed an international border.

Savannah Drive + Sundowner

Take a late afternoon drive or horseback ride into the savannah that culminates in a viewing of the sunset. The Rupununi has some of the most stunning sunsets.

You can watch the sun go down with a cold cocktail, beer or juice and look at the evening sky as it changes from blue into different hues of red before fading to black.


Our beautifully designed cabins feature large balconies, private bathrooms with an open sky shower, hammocks, USB charging ports and fans.

Each cabin is powered by an independent 12 Volt Solar Powered System and has water supplied to it from an underground well. All our cabins are wheelchair accessible and our shower systems have been designed to be accessible for persons with limited mobility.

About US

Waikin Ranch is a farm and cattle ranch that sits on 33,000 acres of land in the Central Rupununi. We have combined our passion for agriculture, animal husbandry, conservation and hospitality creating a unique and special guest experience.

Our fields and orchards are a haven for almost 200 species of birds and our surrounding savannah and wetlands are home for many different types of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and fish.

Giant Anteaters and Deer still roam freely within our land boundaries and Capybara, Anacondas and Caiman live in our ponds and natural water catchment areas.

Community and tradition are very important to us and we meld the old world hospitality of the Rupununi with modern comforts and amenities. It makes us happy to connect with people, invite them in to share our home, our experiences and our way of life.

Waikin Ranch Logo

Solid Base For Savannah Exporations


" Waikin is the nicer of the accomodations options in the Savannah areas of Guyana. It's a really comfortable base to look for the giant ant eaters which is a really cool, highlight excursion. Waikin is a comfortable and welcoming informal place on a working ranch. Staff is warm and friendly, showers are hot, views from cabanas are nice with good air flow, and food is wholesome and delicious."

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Rupununi's Hidden Gem


"we just returned from an amazing week long adventure in Guyana and I must say, Waikin was one of our highlights! It is a hidden gem in the Rupununi in Guyana's vast interior and I would encourage everyone to make it a must during their visit to the country."

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Wonderful Stay


"I really enjoyed my stay here! The rooms, food, service, excursions all exceeded my expectaitons. For excursions, we did horseback riding and looking for anteaters. A highlight was watching the sunset over the savanna. I wish I could have stayed longer- but I'll be back!"

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